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Tee’s week

Visual Designer at TamTam


I bike to work at Amsterdam HQ to collaborate with our sister company, a friend of mine. Gazelle is reaching their 125th anniversary and I’ll be designing the brand style guide for their new celebration. Assignments like this usually involve a combination of conceptual thinking, visual exploration, and a good storyline with the help of all team members. Being able to preview the special edition bikes while working with bright and talented colleagues are just some of the many perks of working at TamTam.


I take the intercity direct to Rotterdam Central, where our new office is conveniently located nearby. I spend most of the day continuing on a project for ASN Bank: a shiny, new website that will be responsive (a feature that their current site does not have). At the end of the day, I have a quarterly progress review with my Design Lead who will tell me what I’m doing a good job at and also what I should improve on. Hopefully more of the former than the latter!


I catch the train to Utrecht where I work on-site at the ASN Bank office. Wednesdays with the client tend to be a bit busy with stand-ups, backlog grooming, tech refinement, and team demo meetings with their internal IT team. Merel also joins today, helping us with UX optimizations and keeping the overall website concept intact. A beneficial addition to the team, she’s able to guide us towards thoughtful decisions with convincing reasoning. Thanks Merel! #UXjargon #buzzwords #industrylanguage


Today my alarm goes off at 4:30 in the morning, but for good reason: TamTam is sending me and 3 other designers to OFFF festival! We fly bright and early to Spain, drop our bags off at the hotel, then go directly to the venue. Located this year at the aesthetically pleasing Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, we are surrounded by art installations, food trucks, and other creatives around the world. I’m excited to experience the next 3 days of conferences and workshops under the Spanish sun.


Our second day at OFFF festival is filled with inspiring and insightful talks with well-known artists like Lance Wyman, Gary Baseman, Vallée Duhamel, Gmunk, and more. There is a variety of print, online, 3D, motion, sound, and graphic designers walking us through their creative processes and even giving a sneak peek to some of their unseen work. I’m thoroughly impressed by the set-up of stages and overall organization of the entire event, on top of the diversity of people that are here to just be inspired. While I do miss the vrijdag middag borrel back at the office today, being here isn’t too bad either 😉