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For youngsters with a need for speed, Walibi Holland is the place to be. Here you’ll find the highest, fastest and most thrilling rollercoasters of the Benelux. Adrenaline levels go sky high when you’re in the park, but ideally the adrenaline should start to flow the minute you visit the site. That’s why we decided to allow visitors to speed up on the website as well.

Emotional commerce results in 92% more conversion

Every single day tons of teenagers and youngsters enjoy the thrilling rides in Walibi Holland. We wanted these kids to experience a similar kind of rush when visiting the website. Our goal? To get these young visitors so excited about the online experience that they would want to immediately book tickets for the real thing.

Simply reduce the amount of choices visitors have to make

In order to increase emotion on the website, the menu was stripped and the focus was shifted completely to the rides, their speed and other highlights. We introduced a speed indicator on the website and decided to show the rollercoasters full screen.

Because we wanted to put mobile first we opted for a stripped menu. The navigation is task oriented and simply reduces the amount of choices visitors have. This way they arrive at the right page much faster.

With their new website Walibi Holland wanted to increase the online experience and ticket sales, while reducing the amount of phone calls. The new, practical menu and the clear ticket page have resulted in a conversion increase of 92% compared to 2014. We’ve also seen that the majority of visitors now visit the same four pages. By decreasing the amount of choices, visitors arrive much faster to the pages that bring in the money, which results in higher sales. At the same time, the amount of phone calls has been reduced by 80%. This proves that practical information is now easier to find on the website.

The new Walibi site is an award-worthy example of ‘emotional commerce’: emotion and usability are blended perfectly and conversion rates have grown dramatically. Walibi France also wanted a rollercoaster of a website and so park Rhônes Alpes has been using the same template. Not surprisingly, sales have gone up dramatically. Other parks will soon be able to change to the new template as well. And it doesn’t stop there. This summer new footage will be shot in order to showcase the rides in full action, which will further improve the online experience.


More conversion


Less phone calls


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