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With Toon, you can save energy without freezing your nuts off. In the last couple of years, the smart thermostat has built a big and loyal user base in the Netherlands. But although Toon is already pretty clever, we all know: no-one’s ever too old to learn. Even Toon isn’t. To let Toon be the brains of every household in Holland, we’re transforming it into an open smart living platform.


Toon was introduced by Dutch energy supplier Eneco as the ideal companion for all customers. Now, they want to make Toon the ideal companion for all Dutch people. It should be the binding factor in an ecosystem of energy generation, energy use and smart living. We’ve made a website where Toon users can find the answer to all their questions.

My first Toon

On the website, people that are interested in Toon but haven’t bought it yet are guided through its capabilities in a fun way. With every click, they learn a little more about the thermostat. When they’re convinced, it’s really easy to buy Toon, both on the Eneco website and partner websites.

For Toon users with questions, there’s a community full of like-minded people. Users share their experiences and help each other out on every possible Toon subject. This user generated content is often so good that Eneco marks it as ‘official responses’.

Make it even smarter

There are numerous ways to make Toon even smarter. From plugs that reveal the biggest energy guzzlers in your house to tools that keep you posted on your solar panels. Through links to partner websites, buying additions to Toon doesn’t cost more than a few clicks.

‘Speedy’ is an understatement

Toon is a mobile-first brand, so needless to say: the website is fully responsive and looks gorgeous on every screen you can think of. Smartphone? Sure. Cinema? No problem! Because of different technical clevernesses, loading the website takes shorter than it takes to say ‘Toon’. LightHouse, a Google tool that measures the quality of websites, proves it. But you can also just take a look for yourself.

The future

Toon and TamTam will keep uniting forces in the years ahead. Through introducing a chatbot and strengthening the community, users will enjoy an even better service. The Toon software will also be further developed, making it possible to connect devices like the Tesla Powerall to it. Eventually, Toon will conquer markets outside of the Netherlands.


Please contact Danijel if you want to know more about Toon.

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