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How humane is the proposed treatment of refugees in the programmes of Dutch political parties? Oxfam Novib analysed all the programs of the political parties and mapped their respect for the rights of refugees and their compliance with international treaties. We created Humanity Checker: an online platform which presents their results.


Policies proposed by European politicians in reaction to the increased inflow of refugees in Europe usually aim for discouragement of fleeing. These proposals are often not compliant with international treaties. Refugees need safe escape routes and protection from human rights. Oxfam Novib partnered with research agency Kaleidos Research and analysed the programmes of all major Dutch political parties. Their aim was finding out to what extend these programmes respect the rights of refugees and the programme’s compliance with international treaties. Oxfam asked us to build a platform to spread their results.


We created an online platform which presents results in a clear, visually attractive manner. Political programmes were scored on 4 themes: ‘reason’, ‘journey’, ‘arrival’, and ‘stay’. Within each theme, we explain each parties’ point of view. We also encourage users to share their opinions about these points of view with the political leaders, through social media.


Our design directly connects the refugee crisis to political party’s policies. Each themed page shows a video of the refugee situation. The policy, along with the name and a big picture of the party leader, is shown in an overlay. Through social media links, users can share their opinion about the policy with the party leader directly. We use tables with red and green marks to score all policies on their plans for refugees.


We created a website which informs people. We never impose an opinion, but provide an objective basis upon which users can base their own point of view.


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