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Florensis is a supplier of plant propagation material for professional growers. The second-generation family business established in 1941 has always been known for their innovative growing techniques. Florensis is now taking this same tradition of innovation to their online business. With a little help from us.

Entire online ecosystem

Florensis is a large worldwide player in young plants, seeds and cuttings. With smart solutions, they want to respond to their clients wishes and give advice on growing and selling young plants. We’re helping them by establishing an entire online ecosystem. Something that’s unique in this market. Transforming markets happens to be the thing we like best, so needless to say: we couldn’t wait to get started!

You can reinvent a business model, but it won’t do you any good if the market’s not ready for it. A branch in which offline trading has always been the standard asks for a phased implementation of new functions. After an intensive strategic start-up phase, we started working on an online order platform for the sales department. While they are getting used to this new way of working, we’re learning a lot from the way they interact with it. We use these insights for our ultimate goal: an online store for B2B-clients.

This year, Florensis turns 75. To celebrate this, we launched the B2B-webshop just before the annual Flower Trials in June so we can ask clients what they think of it. We then further improve the website based on this client feedback and extensive user data analysis. Because of our intensive collaboration with Florensis, we are able to accomplish a lot in a short period and implement new wishes fast.

Products & Results

Is Florensis ready for this step into the future? Definitely! And these first order platform results prove it:

  • A strategy for eCommerce and potential clients to start with a clear focus.
  • An online and offline rebrand. With the new style implemented on their website Florensis saw a striking difference in the type of applicants they received in both their personalities and skills.
  • A modern website with an order form for direct available young plants and cut flowers. Resulting in 15% uplift in organic traffic, 300% uplift in mobile traffic, 500% uplift in returning mobile traffic. And with a new implemented measure plan we can measure more for future improvements.
  • An comprehensive order form for Sales Reps so they can submit orders while sitting with the client, even on a tablet.
  • A service environment for clients where they can order and plan their business. The environment is connected with the industries’ standard back office system PAT. And is continuously improved.
  • A Digital Asset Management tool to upload high resolution images that are used on the website and the ability to bulk share these with clients. This is hosted on Amazon Web Services.


Please contact Jeroen if you want to know more about Florensis.

Jeroen Heydendael, Strategist & Concepter


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