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Choosing and buying a new home has never been this easy. BPD is the first area developer providing the possibility of buying a house online. It’s the result of an innovative digital service design process.

Intuitive ‘area websites’

BPD is the biggest real estate developer in The Netherlands. In 2015, they sold a total of 4.400 homes. Choosing, furnishing and buying a house used to be complex and time consuming. Together with BPD, we decided to translate the whole customer journey to a customer experience. The result: intuitive ‘area websites’ where users get all the information they need to make the right decision. On hoefenhaag.nl, for the first time ever, it’s even possible to digitally sign a purchase agreement!


The website evolves around attractive visuals and convincing copy. Navigation from area, to neighbourhood to house is incredibly intuitive. Via a preferences quiz, potential buyers are involved in the area’s development early on. The direct link between the custom frontend and the Salesforce backend makes it possible to show real time statuses of all homes. Extensive contact options are integrated for those who want to buy their new home with the help of an adviser. After the sale is made, the website remains the place to keep in touch with neighbours and BPD about activities or developments in the area.


The new platform performs considerably better than the old one. Both soft KPI’s as well as hard show this:

  • Bounce rate on the new platform is more than 10% lower;
  • The average time on site is a minute longer;
  • The amount of pages viewed has doubled;
  • In a short amount of time, leads have already doubled.
  • Already 15 houses have been sold online!


Please contact Justin if you want to know more about BPD.

Justin Kniest, Digital Strategist


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