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Artsen zonder Grenzen (Doctors without Borders or AzG) is one of the most well known non-profit brands in the world. When we were asked to create a new website for AzG, we decided to focus on the organization’s unsung heroes: the people who work out in the field, often under dangerous circumstances. The amount of visitors willing to donate to the charity has doubled since the launch of the new website.

Let the heroes do the talking

People that work in the field for Artsen zonder Grenzen risk their own lives to help others. They try to make the best of every situation and provide the basic medical care that every single person is entitled to. AzG wanted a new website that would create an emotional bond with visitors and donors. We were impressed with the stories that the doctors of AzG shared with us and decided to let these unsung heroes tell their story on the new website. This would ‘automatically’ help reach the second goal: recruit donors that generate income.

We decided to bring the impressive work of AzG staff members closer to home. The stories of patients and caregivers now take center stage on the website. We also decided to focus on solutions rather than problems in a highly aesthetic and impactful way. We wanted to do more than just inform visitors; we wanted to have impact, which is why we used large, full screen images and big, bold headlines. Personal blogs that feature videos and images inform visitors about the daily lives of caregivers and the struggles they face. The color red is used in all donation buttons, making the CTA highly visible.

The result isn’t a tearjerker of a website but rather a site that beautifully illustrates an honorable story. The chosen strategy proved to be successful: large, full screen images had a higher persuasion rate and resulted in more donors. With this strategy the traditional ‘push’ method of communicating was quickly flipped to a ‘pull’ and resulted in an increased number of donors.

The amount of visitors has doubled.

The raw, emotional photography and articles have inspired and motivated visitors to contribute to AzG. In just one year conversion rates have almost doubled and AzG has never collected more money than it did in 2014.

Conversion in increased donators:

Old website: 0,7%
New website: 1,3%

Donation record:

2013: €800,000
2014: €1,300,000

By focusing on the story of the doctors, the website also meets one of AzG’s main objectives: to inform society at large about the situation in the world and to recruit donors that generate income. These two things go hand in hand: high visual impact leads to conversion, but in order to create that impact you need a convincing story.

The new website is the center of new campaigns and the ecosystem from which AzG recruits potential donors. This website is ready to collect as much donations as possible in case of a big, worldwide disaster. We’re also working with AzG on their social media presence and their YouTube channel.


Growth in donations


Growth in conversion


Please contact Tobias if you want to know more about Artsen zonder Grenzen.


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