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Following changing market conditions and a number of mergers and acqusitions, in 2015 Arcadis moved to a single global brand. It was the perfect opportunity for a brand refresh, and to establish a reinvigorated Arcadis online presence. (www.arcadis.com). The Arcadis website is one of the first channels through which the reinvented brand was debuted to the world.

A global digital presence.

The Arcadis website is live in over 30 countries, and 10 different languages. By brief and design, TamTam created a completely flexible and scalable site in collaboration with Sitecore, an expert in building customer experience management applications. Sitecore was chosen because of their ability to provide strong insights into visitor statistics with a focus on conversion. It was through this framework that Arcadis can now provide added value B2B content, which itself takes centre stage on the new site.

Further, the distinctive architectural style of Arcadis has been extended to the design of their new online platform.

One of the biggest challenges of this project was communicating the versatility and multi-faceted nature of Arcadis in a clear way. To overcome this problem, TamTam created a concept in which the past, present and future of the company are represented and can consistently be implemented through various digital expressions. Communicating thought leadership also plays a major role on the new site. Besides being a showcase of projects, the new website is also a publishing platform on which Arcadis effectively communicates its vision to improve quality of life.

The versatility of the company is expressed through a number of different ‘microsites’ titled Press, News and Careers. These ‘microsites’ are independently accessible as standalone sites, but still exist under the umbrella of the ‘mother’ site and so have a consistent navigation for effortless transition between all sites.


Because of our carefully designed back end, rolling out language versions across Arcadis geographies is seamless and simple. TamTam was also careful to implement a sustainable design with a long-term view, so that as the heart of a new Arcadis digital ecoystem, the new website is ‘futureproof’. Using clear guidelines, for example, new Arcadis companies are integrated in a consistent way within the new brand.

Publishing local, as well as international content has been conveniently simplified to account for Arcadis’ global operations.

Top results so far include:

  • an increase of +20% organic visitor traffic from more than 210 countries.
  • visitors spending an average of +30 seconds more on the site (up from 2.5 minutes to 3 minutes).
  • bounce rate went down from 52% to 20%.
  • conversion to contact-rate went up by 4%

Finally, Arcadis’ new digital presence has caused a dramatic uptick in social media engagement for the brand. Inspired by their visit, more than 3% of all site visitors click on to check out Arcadis’ various social media channels and content, to discover more about the brand and its employees.

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