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Walibi Holland

Adrenaline levels go sky high when you’re in the park, but ideally the adrenaline should start to flow the minute you visit the site. That’s why we decided to allow visitors to speed up on the website as well.

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It’s HBO

As a paid TV channel HBO has a complicated position in the Dutch television market. In order to receive HBO, you must sign up and become a member through your own cable company or digital television provider. We were asked to position the HBO brand in The Netherlands.

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Artsen zonder Grenzen

Artsen zonder Grenzen (Doctors without Borders) is one of the most well known non-profit brands in the world. When we were asked to create a new website for AzG, we decided to focus on the organization’s unsung heroes: the people who work out in the field, often under dangerous circumstances.

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Dutch National Opera & Ballet

At the beginning of 2014 three leading Dutch cultural brands merged into one. We created a highly visual website for this new identity and combined the rich and dynamic characters of opera and ballet with maximum conversion.

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Energy supplier Oxxio likes to do things differently. As their strategic partner we’re not only closely involved with Oxxio itself, but also with the company’s customers. Under the proposition ‘manage energy yourself’ we give customers insights into their energy consumption.

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Name any of the big concerts or festivals in the Netherlands and you can pretty much guess Mojo is behind it. This used to be common knowledge but over time Mojo moved to the background and as a result became less visible. We were asked to turn the tide and give Mojo its mojo back.

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Pathé Thuis

Towards the end of 2011 Pathé and TamTam started collaborating closely on releasing Pathé Thuis, an all-new video on demand service by Pathé. Pathé wanted to gain a big share of the market with a multi-device video on demand platform.

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To alleviate traffic congestion on the Amsterdam canals, government agency Waternet asked TamTam to launch a waterway navigation app. The VaarWater app is based on a boat-counting network of sensors, which are installed in the city’s old canals.  Real time traffic information on the water thanks to the VaarWater app.

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KNGF Geleidehonden

KNGF wanted people to be more aware of the different types of dogs they train, while also making the online donation process more attractive. That’s why we built a fully automated system that informs donors about the puppy they adopted.

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De Hypotheker

De Hypotheker is already an important player on the mortgage market but it wanted to increase its online position. That’s why we created a self-service environment that facilitates just that.

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De Alliantie

De Alliantie is one of the biggest housing associations in the Netherlands, catering to people with average or lower incomes. Since their costs for face-to-face contact were getting too high, De Alliantie asked us to expand their digital activities so that they would receive less calls.

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Schaatsen.nl is the central hub for ice-skating. It used to be a news website, but KNSB and main sponsor KPN wanted it to be an all-you-need-to-know-platform that connects all people interested in this sport.

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In our role as online partner, we greatly increased customer and product satisfaction for UPC. When UPC became Ziggo and introduced her new Horizon media box, sentiment went down the drain.

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Kamer van Koophandel

One of the main tasks of the Kamer van Koophandel (KvK) is to offer a helping hand to entrepreneurs. Because the processes on the website weren’t that user friendly, we started out by having a closer look at the service design of the website.

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