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Timing.nl makes it groundbreakingly simple to look for work online

We are building the employment agency of the future for Timing. To be able to continue to offer flexible work in a flexible way, we have made the online application process even easier and smarter. Flex workers spend more and more time online, making the website the most important touch point with flex workers. The focus points for Timing.nl are ease, data, profiling and matching, so that Timing can make flex workers and clients alike even happier.

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Timing is an employment agency specialised in job openings for low- and medium-skilled flex workers. The agency has been around for 25 years and is one of the 5 largest employment agencies in the Netherlands, with exceptional clients like ANWB, Bleckmann, KLM Catering Services and Wehkamp.

Our collaboration with Timing started mid-2015, when they asked us to expand their online services, in our capacity as digital partner. We started with a job site, with the possibility to apply online. We expand this platform with new functions weekly. Everything that one can do at a physical branch, related to applying for a job, can now also be done online. In addition, you also have access to Timing’s services at home and on the run. Moreover, Timing joins you actively in the thinking process, and suggests jobs that suit you based on your online profile.


More registrations

How do you ensure that applicants trample Timing’s online door? By making smart use of SEO, with an up-to-date search function and the Timing Jobmail. We ensure that the perfect candidates land on job openings. When a person searches under ‘cleaner Utrecht’, we only display the relevant Timing jobs in Utrecht. We ensured a top-ranking for the job-related search terms in the areas of production, logistics, call centre and cleaning.


Smart local SEO optimisation ensures good service.


We also improved the search for jobs via Timing.nl using Elasticsearch. It is the platform’s most frequently used feature. A smart link to the back-office system constantly retrieves the latest jobs, so potential applicants can always view the most up-to-date offer.

Flex workers register for the Jobmail if they want Timing to take over the search aspect. Job updates and application reminders are then sent to their inbox. The convenience factor strikes again, or so it seems, because Jobmail has ensured tens of thousands of extra applications at Timing.nl.


Services on the website and via the app.


Do it yourself

Entirely in line with Timing’s ‘we do it’ mentality, we put potential applicants and employers themselves to work: those seeking work or those who already have work through Timing, easily arrange their own affairs via the new platform. With a single password, they log in to all of Timing’s systems. In their personal environment, flex workers can apply for jobs, update their profile, and book / register hours. We worked hard to create a mobile version of the platform; a version that gives you all the functions on your smartphone or tablet.

By way of an online dashboard with statistics and business results, the Timing branches can see what they have achieved, at a glance. This allows them to make data-driven decisions, and in so doing, we try to break through the traditional division between online and offline.

Timing – Home from Wijzijntamtam on Vimeo.

Analysisall applicants are different

We employ several tools to guide potential applicants to Timing. Smart analysis helps up to discover what works best. We have noticed that organic traffic to the jobs, from Google, is lessening, likely due to the upturn on the employment market, and people’s search behaviour has also changed (LinkedIn & job boards). In proportion to these findings, we see that job boards send more and more traffic to employment agencies’ websites.

However, we did more than merely analyse traffic: we linked the back-office system, Mysolution, to Google Analytics. This enables us to link a potential applicant’s online journey to the actual offline placement: from the click on a Google Ad, to the filled-out application.

This gives Timing much greater insight into which marketing channels lead to high-quality applications and placements. It shows exactly what each click and advertisement brings to the table, even when the placement occurs offline, at a physical branch. Timing can settle campaigns on a cost per hire basis, allowing it to make more efficient use of its resources. Unique in the industry: Timing is the leader in this respect.



Wij zien nog veel meer mogelijkheden om het platform uit te breiden en beter te maken. In de toekomst zal zoeken en matchen steeds meer data-gedreven worden. Timing kan dan op basis van data van de werkgever, het cv van de flexwerker, het online profiel, zijn agenda en de reistijd slimme suggesties doen. Werkgevers krijgen geheel automatisch een lijstje van kandidaten te zien die een perfecte match zijn qua geschiktheid, locatie en beschikbaarheid.

En marketing-campagnes zullen zowel voor klanten als flexwerkers nóg gerichter worden, bijvoorbeeld met targeted Google AdWords campagnes gebaseerd op daadwerkelijke plaatsingen.

De slimme online marketingfeatures bouwen we in 2017 verder uit om de huidige goede resultaten te waarborgen én te verbeteren. We bouwen verder aan de digitale dienstverlening die de nabije toekomst vereist. Aan het werk!

Jeroen Heydendael, Strategist & Concepter


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