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The week of Greg

Competence Lead Front-end at TamTam


Today, I took the train to travel from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. It was quite a relaxed journey on the direct intercity train, giving me a chance to get some work done. Besides a front-end developer, I’m also a Competence Lead. And today I had two coaching sessions with front-end team members in this capacity. In the afternoon, I attended the meeting of Development Leads, where we assessed how we are doing in terms of our progress on the annual mission list for innovation, human resources, quality assurance, and DevOps. Aside from that, we also looked at possible issues that require attention in the short term.



I biked across Amsterdam to our office. It was a quiet day today, and I was able to concentrate fully on a project I’m working on. I put on my headphones and got some serious work done. Later on, Arthur, a fellow front-end lead, and I interviewed someone for a front-end position. TamTam and Dept are growing rapidly, and it is great to be able to help shape the team in this way.



Our whole team and the client gathered in Rotterdam for a collaboration day. Being the team captain, I fulfil the role of product owner at TamTam. I update the scrum board in Jira and make sure team members know what to do. I really love bearing this kind of responsibility for the team. I’m still shaping this role, but it’s great to have such a great stake in designing this role at our company.



We had another collaboration day today, albeit in Amsterdam this time. After lunch, I had a brief meeting with recruitment to further optimise the application process for front-end positions. One of my front-end team members came to me with a personal matter. As a coach, I always listen and give advice to improve any situation. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to help my colleagues in this way. I tremendously enjoy seeing people grow both on a professional and on a personal level.



In the morning, I went over the week with the project manager. How is everything going? What progress have we made? In the afternoon, I had a session to estimate a large international project. Together with a lead interaction designer, an architect, and a programme manager, we put together a rough outline of our approach. We also looked at the biggest challenges that we will face. It is on occasions like these that I realise that I can draw on my experience and knowledge to produce great solutions and ideas. And at 5pm, it was time for a beer.


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