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The five best Innovative Service Experience solutions of 2016

In the last Adformatie, we look back on the best Innovative Service Experiences of 2016. Nowadays, brands and businesses are differentiated by the service experience offered to their clients. Think of PayPal, Uber or Spotify, for example. These services offer such a high level of user convenience, that one might wonder how music was listened to in the past, or how a taxi was booked. Innovative Service Experience is the glue that holds service, product and marketing together, and works best when the client hardly notices it. It is the future of digital service provision, and in our opinion, is essential if you truly want to set your business apart in the new year. Ready for inspiration?

1. Tesla FTW

When it comes to ISX, Tesla is simply the best. The luxury brand is the king when it comes to thinking from the client’s perspective and connecting all touch points, both online and offline. The fact that your new Tesla welcomes you by name when you purchase it, and the fact that your partner can find the car and start it without keys, using your login credentials. The Tesla purchase process and the driving experience are brimming with smart extras that make the driving experience more pleasant. The brand devotes considerable time and effort to self-driving technology, and does not wait for governments to step in, but instead, proceeds to build a better world, whether it involves fast-charging stations or solar shingles that are virtually indistinguishable from other roofs. Tesla FTW.

2. Google Home

We already know Amazon’s Alexa, but Google Home is our new favourite housemate. With a price tag worthy of consideration, you get an assistant that continues to make your life easier. It turns the lights out for you, turns down the thermostat, or tells you what time to leave based on your Google Calendar. You can pose questions and follow-up questions, without having to repeat specific information. This has slowly but surely earned Google a permanent place in our living room.

3. Tikkie makes it easy to ask for your money back

In recent months, you have undoubtedly heard the following after dinner out with friends: ‘I’ll send you a Tikkie.’ At first, we thought it was just another payment app for friends, but ABN Amro did great with Tikkie. A smart combo with Whats App, the fact that anyone – irrespective of their bank – can use it and that Tikkie recipients aren’t required to have the app, is reason enough for us to crown the service number three. 

Even so, there wouldn’t be a top 5 without two projects of which we are personally proud:

4.Your new house, online

Buying a newly built house is a complicated, time-consuming and uncertain process. You are expected to make the biggest purchase decision of your life, based on a brochure, a few drawings and your realtor’s blue eyes. Real estate developer BPD decided to make the entire customer journey digital. From configuring your future home by way of virtual reality, to the actual sale. After all, why would you buy your telephone, laptop, and even your car online, but not your house?

5. Truckers like Trucker

With the Trucker app from TVM, all truck drivers in the Benelux can find an available parking spot in no time. While driving, the ‘driving mode’ informs you of hazardous situations, delays on the road, and suitable parking spots. You even receive an automatic message when the weather conditions turn poor. It’s like having your own Piet Paulusma on the French Péage. Ideal. Therefore, the service not only made the lives of Truckers a little safer in 2016, but also the roads.