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The term ‘Creatives’ usually refers to visually or conceptually strong minds. We like to add a third category: Technologists. Working with technology is about as creative as it gets: coding is to create something from nothing, constantly looking for new possibilities to create awesomeness for our clients and their users, mastering the machines to make them do what you want. To create beauty by keeping things simple using the unexpected.

Of course our tech-nuts love to push the boundaries by using the latest and greatest, but always in service of our clients and users, and we know that we need to be able to service stuff for sometimes 10 years. We like things that are built-to-last.

Right now we’re very excited about connecting solutions to the sensornet, developing data intelligence and algorithms to take care of stuff before our users even know it, shifting from manual to autopilot.
But also about the latest front-end frameworks to create even slicker interfaces, AWS and Azure cloud platforms to deliver almost infinite scalability and always keeping an eye on the big Apple and Google to take iOS and Android to even further heights.

So yeah, technology…. could keep on talking for hours about it, but let’s get to work together and build awesomeness. There’s definitely more fun in that.