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TamTam realises 21dimes.nl

On the platform, various artists such as Sabrina Starke, Jungle by Night, Candy Dulfer, Tigran Hamasyan, Cyrille Aimee and Airelle Besson share their unique stories from the start of their careers and their development as artists. You can listen to each artist tell their own unique story. Personal, authentic and inspiring.

Mirjam de Vos, Head of Communication at BNP Paribas: “BNP Paribas would like to make it more broadly known that besides sponsoring North Sea Jazz; we also support artists in their development. By way of the 21dimes.nl site, TamTam has created a wonderful platform for translating our brand values and our focus on talent development. Working with them was fantastic; they were creative, flexible and were able to build a terrific website in no time. This helps us to offer music lovers real, added value in addition to the festival itself.”

BNP Paribas has been a partner of North Sea Jazz for the past 6 years and has supported developing artists for 21 years. The collaboration mostly focused on talent development and bringing jazz to a larger audience.

Nina de Ridder, Concept Developer at TamTam: “The combination of original stories, the passion for jazz and the teamwork involving technique, content and creativity has ultimately resulted in a unique visual design. And, it was super fun to supply the content production together with Mojo. It brought us even closer to their living environment which really enabled us to provide a special digital podium for these artists.