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TamTam launches renewed entrepreneurs’ platform nlgroeit

The NLgroeit online platform was launched precisely a year ago and since then there have already been 60,000 sessions on the website, which have led to 150 face-to-face matches. A total of 120 new mentors have also registered.

NLgroeit is a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Economic Affairs, NLevator, NL2025 and the Chamber of Commerce. The programme is aimed at SME entrepreneurs. A key role has been created for the online platform: it puts entrepreneurs in touch with each other and provides tools for upscaling. NLgroeit and TamTam (part of Dept) recently won a Digital Communication Award in Berlin for the platform. So, why renew it?

The Nationale Groeitest (National Growth Test) is a new initiative, developed by Erasmus University and the research firm Nebu, in association with experienced growth entrepreneurs. The new test plays a major role on the website. Results from the test are used to directly connect entrepreneurs to three relevant mentors. The test results also serve as a filter so that entrepreneurs only see content that is relevant to them.

A user survey was also conducted among different users of the platform. It formed the basis for various improvements made to the platform. Content is more effectively tailored for growth entrepreneurs. It makes the platform more practical and makes the path to growth more transparent.

Quote from Judith Gussenhoven: The result is a service-oriented online platform with exclusively relevant information for any entrepreneur striving for growth.