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TamTam is strategic partner in the development of the Eneco app

The app will play an increasingly crucial role in Eneco’s ambition to transform itself from energy supplier to energy partner: Energy as a service.         

Eneco’s goal is to further expand its innovative mobile service, by developing ‘state of the art’ apps, amongst other things, for the more than 2.1 million clients. The new Eneco app is the first step in this direction, and provides clients insight and control over their energy. The app enables clients to see exactly what they consume, with tools that grow smarter and smarter.

The ‘Tussenstand Tool’ (intermediate tool) is in development, and will enable the app to predict a year-end billing statement far into the future. The app will also work with smart devices like the Toon thermostat, solar panels and the Warmtewinner. The Eneco app will therefore not only provide insight, but will also become an essential tool to help clients make their households more sustainable.

Danijel Bonacic, Strategy Director at TamTam (part of Dept): ‘Eneco is going for a sustainable new world. The app is a central part of this strategy. We continue to develop, based on the latest technological possibilities and Eneco’s new services. We collect feedback via the Eneco forum and perform tests with the users.’

Eneco expects that more and more clients will want to arrange their energy affairs via mobile apps in the future. The new Eneco app therefore not only provides insight, but also extensive service: from the payment of an invoice to the ability to send messages to customer service. Joos Luteijn, Digital Manager, Eneco: ‘From spring this year, we will take our mobile service to the next level, with this new app, and will create a platform that will enable us to help our clients make their households more sustainable, through innovative services; the Eneco App as our clients’ new energy partner.’

Eneco has chosen TamTam (part of Dept), because of its extensive experience with the design of mobile customer journeys and the development of all-embracing mobile apps. The collaboration takes place in the areas of strategy, innovation, design and development.