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Every digital project begins with a plan. If we do not know in what direction we wish to go, we will achieve nothing. That’s stating the obvious. Yet, all too often, it goes wrong at the beginning. Not at TamTam. We know how important a strategy is. And for us, a strategy is always clear. No fancy nonsense.

Sprint 0
We determine the strategy during sprint 0. This initial phase, lasting a few weeks, is different each time. However, it does always consist of the following steps:

0.1 Kick-off
Who are you, and what are the challenges? Without answers to these questions, we cannot achieve anything.

0.2 The objectives
During a number of workshops, we determine the objectives, for which there are no limits. Do you wish to have the best App ever? One which the competitor could only dream of? We do not call that ambitious. We call that an interesting challenge.

0.3 The concept
During the concept phase, we map out the route to our objectives. To do so, we first find out all there is to know about your client. After all, we need to know who we are making something for.

0.4 Backlog & roadmap
Okay. We know where we have to go and how to get there. It is high time to put this into concrete terms. What will we do exactly and when will we do it? Together, we determine what steps must be taken to realize a minimal viable product. Just one requirement applies: we must both be proud of this product.

All of this leads to the strategy. We present this in a clear way. In human language and with a number of designs, in order to bring it to life. Is the strategy completely solid? Yes. Is it set in stone? No. At TamTam, we know what enhanced insight equals.

We have a few rules of thumb for determining the correct strategy:

  • The things that we make must put a smile on the face of the user. If they don’t they are not used.
  • Service Design is the holy grail. Every digital interaction must feel natural. Every menu, every button and every step must be logical.
  • No one remembers usernames and passwords, so no more logins! Together, we search for better solutions.
  • A digital experience can make or break you. The digital experience is the ideal way to distinguish yourself from the competitor. It is a must-have.