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So yeah, we all use Facebook and Twitter. Ok you may be using Instagram and (when you’re really living in the moment) Snapchat. And yes, we all know that this is where the thin line of a successful brand and failure is being crossed. But, believe it or not, many marketers still spend too much time trying to reach customers via television and outdoor media.

Say what? You do too? Ok, don’t weep or despair. We –a mix of well preserved millennials and GenZ digital minds- try to capture the attention of easily distracted customers by providing them with the content they’re longing for. We produce micro-content; we write and capture stories. We shoot movies and turn all of this into shareable social posts.

We provide them with real value by using the DNA of the social platform as the starting point for our concept and put that into use for your brand; short news updates in video on Instagram, longreads on Facebook and brand conversations on Twitter. We do this every day. With our bare hands and a lot of love.