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Something can look wonderful, but if people can’t find you on Google, it’s not much use to you. Fortunately, we know how you can attract attention. By means of good content on the basis of important search words, efficient campaigns and retargeting.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is not a check box in the CMS. It is a continual process of optimization. And the purpose? To obtain more visitors, leads and clients from the organic search results. We do this at 3 levels:

  1. Technical SEO: can Google reach all the pages which you wish to see in the search engine? Is all the technology search-engine-friendly, and are you making correct use of structured data?
  2. Content: what is your URL structure like? Do the texts on your website fit with the search behaviour of your target group in Google, and what subjects are missing?
  3. Off-site SEO: who is linked to your website, and how can you obtain more incoming links?

We can help with a detailed interpretation of all these subjects. Our team of experienced SEO specialists always focus on sustainable SEO results. Not on short-term solutions. The following are examples of SEO activities that we can help with:

  • A SEO quickscan or in-depth SEO analyses that leave nothing untested.
  • Structural improvements in the technology or content.
  • Working on a better and greater link profile.
  • Improvement in local findability in your region(s).
  • Deployment of advanced SEO tools and/or our SEO dashboard.
  • Pro-active communication and transparent SEO reports.

SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

In no time, top ranking in search engine results? That is possible with Search Engine Advertising or SEA. Together, we compose a campaign strategy, select the right search words and write target-group-focused and converting advertisement texts.

We find it important that we only buy on the basis of relevant search assignments. In this way, you only attract visitors who are interested in your product. This increases the sales. We achieve this together by means of:

  • Focus on the right visitors and conversions.
  • Deployment of in-house developed AdWords tools.
  • Proactive communication with certified consultants.
  • Benefiting from new features through our Google Partnership.
  • Standardized or custom-made SEA reports.
  • Knowledge-sharing by means of AdWords training courses.

We are active in all aspects of the deployment of Google Adwords, as well as in display or social advertising. Ultimately, you wish to reach a target group. We help you with the selection of the correct online channels. By means of smart deployment of our self-developed tools, we also quickly make campaigns more efficient.