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Sarah’s week

Program Manager at TamTam


This morning, over breakfast, I am discussing the annual plans for 2017 with the project managers in Rotterdam. Afterwards, I rush to the office for the planning consultation.

Together, we make sure that everyone at TamTam gets the chance to work on awesome projects and have enough work on their plates. A challenging task! Then, along with my project teams, we determine who can take on which tasks in JIRA this week, and what can be completed. In the afternoon, I enjoy a cup of coffee with other project managers, to find out what they are working on, and whether or not I can be of any help.



This is my fixed (scheduled) day at housing corporation Alliantie in Hilversum. At 09:30 we have a stand-up with the project team. We spend all day working on the functionalities for the renters’ app, so we can launch a new version again at the end of the month. Very cool! In the afternoon, we give all the Alliantie stakeholders a demo of the neighbourhood concept. It will soon go live, and luckily, we receive an enthusiastic response to the demo! At 5:30, I report to the office in Amsterdam for the #fitgirl boot camp.



A quiet day: time to get my project administration up-to-date. I also read through the Analytics report for Alliantie. We have been live for a few months now: it is very rewarding seeing how renters use the (web) app. I use the input to prepare for my weekly meeting with the product owner at Alliantie. We assess what the next functionalities for development are, and when the assigned team can start on them. The day ends with the monthly PM meeting. We now have 18(!) project managers, who are all passionate about being able to do awesome projects with their teams. We exchange knowledge and look back on a busy and productive 2016.



Today I work in Amsterdam, so I head to work by bicycle. Not quite what you’d expect from a project manager, because we often have appointments off location. I head into a meeting room with my team for most of the day. Together with a strategist, creative- and visual designer, we work on our presentation for tomorrow, which will take place in Hinckley, England. I add the action plan, the planning and the work arrangements. Tomorrow we’ll be presenting the setup for a MVP (minimum viable product), and we have developed a roadmap for the coming years. We are very excited to hear their feedback!



I wake up in a hotel in Hinckley. A refreshing change 🙂 I am with Lucas and Max, who are responsible for the creative aspects of the presentation. It is essential that we first develop the ‘low hanging fruit’ and establish a basis. We will have time for the exotic stuff afterwards. All those involved want to start developing the roadmap right away. The client is happy, yes! Now that we’ve witnessed with our own eyes, how incredible the motorcycles are, we can’t want to get our motorcycle licences. We hop into the taxi to Birmingham Airport, so we can still enjoy a few drinks at the Christmas party in Rotterdam. Cheers!