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Union is a legendary Dutch city bike manufacturer, established in 1904. Unfortunately, at the moment most Union bikes you see on the Dutch streets are officially antique. But with their new line of bikes, new strategy and new website that’s about to change!

A 1904 cycling brand, a 2016 cycling platform

A year ago, Dutch city bike brand Union decided it was time to reinvent their bikes and themselves. While Union bikes have always been praised for their reliability, until recently they weren’t the most innovating brand. With the introduction of their modular Union Lite bike, that has quickly changed. And, of course, an innovative bike needs an innovative website. Union asked us to help them with establishing a platform that supports their ambition to become the number 1 city bike brand in The Netherlands.

An integrated approach

When you’re trying to re-establish a brand, everything should be perfect from the start. All forms of communication should be consistent and perfectly in line witch each other. That’s why Union asked us to take care of everything. Everything you see on the Union website and their social media channels is homebrewn by us. From photos to front-end, from copy to videos. The result is a website that breathes the new Union in every way.