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Hi Lovie judges, this is our lovely case for Oxxio

Oxxio app

Energy isn’t anybody’s biggest hobby. It should be cheap and hassle-free. Simple as that. Unfortunately, most energy suppliers don’t seem to get that. Oxxio does, and therefore uses technology to cut costs and cut crap.

Read and watch all about the case here.

First app-only energy provider

Ever since their establishment in 2000, Oxxio has been leading the way in digitizing the consumer energy market. With help from us. Their app, with which customers can take care of anything energy-related, is being used more than 250.000 times per month. That led to an important and unique decision: as of 2017, Oxxio is the first app-only energy provider in the world.

With the Oxxio app, you always know what you’re using and if that’s in line with the advance on your annual energy bill. The clean design doesn’t use unreadable graphs, but a traffic light to indicate how you’re doing. Using more than you’re paying for? Easily change your monthly payment or pay extra at the end of the year.


Any question about your usage, contract or energy source is answered by O, Oxxio’s chatbot. The handy self-service tools already make up for more than 100.000 phone calls per month. The result? More spare time for your actual hobby, an empty wastepaper basket and lower energy costs. And not only for Oxxio clients. The platform is completely open, so everyone can experience what it’s like to have an energy provider that cuts all crap.

The Oxxio app is highly appreciated and very actively used:

  • The Oxxio app is being used 250.000 times per month;
  • More than 50 percent of the Oxxio clients have the app installed.

In the future, the Oxxio app will not only tell you how much you’re using, but through smart algorithms it will also show you the biggest energy-guzzlers in your home. Is it the washing machine or that 30-year old hair dryer with the funny smell?