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Hi Lovie judges, this is our lovely case for the De Alliantie.

My Neighbourhood app

More and more people tend to think that technology brings us closer to those who are far away, but far away from those who are close. My Neighbourhood, a social network on which a housing association’s residents get in touch, proves the opposite.

Read and watch all about the case here.

Social network that brings neighbours together

Amsterdam is a social melting pot with people from 180 different countries. People that differ in belief, skin colour and bank account. In this diverse city, housing association De Alliantie wants to provide comfortable living for all its residents. And to do that, they know they have to improve more than just homes. The neighbourhood is at least as important. That’s why they wanted to stimulate interaction between people. But how do you do that when people are so diverse and mental barriers are so high?

We created ‘My Neighbourhood’, a social network that brings neighbours together. Through the timeline in the app, it’s super easy to get in touch with the people around you. Have you spotted bicycle thieves? Warn everyone. Is the garbage being picked up a day earlier? Let your neighbours know. Throwing a party? Why not invite them all! ‘My Neighbourhood’ is part of the main Alliantie app, with which renters are in control of everything concerning their home. Arranging a repair doesn’t cost you more than a few taps, and also paying the rent was never this easy.


The feature will first be tested in De Smaragd. This area in Amsterdam has residents from all walks of life. Some of them rent their apartment, others have bought it. If it works in this microcosm, it works everywhere. Numbers show that the Alliantie app is already being used very actively:

  • 8,390 downloads, without any form of marketing;
  • 1700 active monthly users;
  • 25% of all users arrange repairs with the app.