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We created 21Dimes.nl: unique artist stories about the beginning of their career and the road to succes. Every artist started somehow and somewhere. A first instrument was bought, a first performance was given, a first album was released. With this project we want to focus on the journey of the artist. Because sometimes it all starts with a single dime.

BNP Paribas and North Sea Jazz

As a proud partner of the North Sea Jazz Festival, BNP Paribas has been supporting jazz in all its forms for over 18 years. Through its Foundation the BNP Paribas Group helps jazz musicians develop their career. This year BNP Paribas wants to offer North Sea Jazz enthusiasts something extra: an online engaging concept that fits with the brand values and adds more depth to the partnership with North Sea Jazz.

Design and content

The artist stories are executed in text, audio and video to create a varied experience. We gave the stories a beautiful stage, with a bold design and focus on transitions and effects. We wanted to focus on the artist and their music. That’s why we use big photos of the artists in an monochrome setup where we visualise the music through an equalizer. To make the design feel jazzy we created a playful font type to display the artist names. These elements form a visually appealing landingpage with a funky vibe to it.

Thousands of Jazz fans from all over the world watched, listened and read the stories since the website went live a few weeks ago. And with that we gave them a place to get truly inspired.