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Jasper’s week

Architect at TamTam


On Mondays, I always work at TamTam (part of Dept) HQ, right next to Rotterdam Central Railway Station. Today was Oxxio day. I started out by taking stock of all pending tasks in Jira. After the whole team had come in, we held our stand-up meeting: a daily meeting that allows us, as a team, to go over our activities and issues. In the afternoon, I drove over to Oxxio for an appointment with their IT team. We explored options in improving the performance of a widely used web service. At the end of the afternoon, I discussed the current state of affairs with one of Oxxio’s architects, and we also shared our experiences.

TamTam (part of Dept) headquaters Rotterdam



I spent today working at De Alliantie housing corporation in Hilversum. Close collaboration with all suppliers involved is always beneficial, so we take 2 days a week to work on site at the client’s offices with the team. Together with a service bus developer, I reviewed a number of newly delivered interfaces. I supported the team during the morning, which had me installing small bug fixes on the development branch and helping consume new web services. These kinds of activities help me maintain my affinity with the code base, which comes in handy to me when it comes to working out new issues.

After lunch, we had a refinement session for the new community concept of the Alliantie app. This concept helps residents connect with their neighbours through the app. During the session, it became clear that we will be using a lot of different media, but that our current server set-up is not ready for that yet. Later that day, I did some more thinking about this challenge. Offload to the Cloud? Would that throw up privacy issues? Security? Or should we simply scale out?


My day started on site at De Alliantie housing corporation. Together with a colleague, I looked into ways to improve data quality in our applications. Could we automate data reviews? Do we need more validation rules? Or is there perhaps another, better data source? These issues tend to be long-term ones that we resolve together. The objective is qualitative improvement for the entire platform.

After lunch, I headed over to TamTam’s offices in Amsterdam. At TamTam, we discussed our media challenge in the community concept for De Alliantie housing corporation. We ultimately went for a Cloud solution. To make sure this new solution works, we decided to set up a proof of concept to exclude all uncertainties.

De Alliantie, Hilversum.


Thursday was Oxxio day, and I worked on site at Eneco’s IT department. This was because Oxxio’s online platform uses a number of services that are hosted on Eneco’s service bus. We therefore liaise with Eneco developers quite a lot. We had a refinement session today for the set-up of a new test environment. Apart from that, we also discussed a change to an existing web service.


Fridays tend to be quiet at TamTam’s Rotterdam offices. A good day to do emails, wrap up any unfinished business, and do some research into new developments in our field. Aside from Architect, I’m also a Competence Lead at TamTam. In this role, I coach colleagues, and work with them on a development mission list. On top of that, I captain the Innovations team, which is a team that is working hard on improving knowledge sharing across TamTam. This includes running the TamTam Academy, where our in-house developers host innovation sessions.

We always end the week with beer at the bar and a game of table football.