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Hosting & Management

We monitor our online platforms with dedication, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re environment is temporarily inaccessible, we will take immediate steps to resolve the problem.

For our hosting we use the EvoSwitch datacenter, which is not only super-secure but also energy-efficient. Our hosting platform is also fully replicated across the entire chain from links to firewalls and connections to physical hosts. That allows us to guarantee an uptime of 99.8%. We achieve high availability at application level by integrating the hosting service into SkyNet, our automated system for building, testing, backup and implementation.

We don’t need to tell you how important the speed of a website is. That’s why we not only invest in advanced components, fast processors and a reliable storage array, but also in quadruple connectivity with each physical host, for example. We make sure that your data is stored smartly. Even in the exceptional event of full loss of the primary datacenter there are backups available to safeguard your data. And we know that because we carry out continuous tests in order to guarantee the quality of the backups. Thanks to these backup procedures we can guarantee an operational backup with data which is no more than 24 hours old under all circumstances.

Finally we not only monitor the uptime of your environment, but also act against unwanted visitors. Suspicious patterns are automatically blocked, and we help you with protective measures which ensure that your site remains secure.