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Gazelle and Dept are focusing on enhancing the online branding and product experience

Gazelle is intensifying the collaboration with Dept. From today, the bicycle manufacturer will be working together with 3 agencies from the agency network on its entire digital channel. Digital agency Tam Tam has already taken care of the social media and online campaigns for Gazelle for a number of years. Online marketing agency Expand Online and social agency a friend of mine are now also involved in the collaboration.

This year, Gazelle and Dept are focusing on enhancing the online branding and product experience. For example, with a large-scale online campaign and offline campaign, the brand is focusing attention on the electric bike. The website plays a key role in the orientation phase of clients and offers them the opportunity to lease or finance their new bike. For delivery, service and maintenance, clients can contact specialized dealers.

Gazelle: “In Dept, we have found a pioneering, experienced partner that can translate the innovative DNA of Gazelle successfully into a digital brand experience. After the successful collaboration with Tam Tam, the connection with Expand Online and a friend of mine feels logical. Everything is under one umbrella, so we can realize our ambitions quickly and fully.”

Coen Huijsmans, digital strategist of Tam Tam: “Our sister agencies have expertise in social media, campaign performance, online branding and findability. By collaborating with them intensively, we get more visitors to the Gazelle website and we increase the impact of their digital channel.”