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Reaching potential clients via banners? We help you to unravel the secrets of Google Display Network and we are the experts in deploying YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to make your brand top-of-mind for users.

At the start of each project, we draw up a wish list. In what market do you operate? What are your main objectives? What is the message that you wish to put across? And when are you satisfied? In this way, we can create a personal campaign which meets your wishes. Together, we draw up the required KPIs and establish when marketing campaigns are a success. Once the wishes and objectives have been charted, we look at the best channels for conveying your message. We use the following channels:

  • Facebook
  • Google Display Network
  • LinkedIn
  • Premium Networks through Programmatic Buying
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Instagram

A smart combination of channels ensures that we can reach a very select target group within the campaign. Using persuasive text adverts and rich media takeovers, we make sure that interaction with potential clients occurs. We will be happy to help you with Real Time Bidding (RTB) in order to advertise under the best conditions. Once campaigns are up and running, we aim for clear reporting and dashboards. In this way, we can always alter and improve things on time. And we work together on a successful campaign.