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Dept made it to the Adformatie top 100 list six times

Six Dept colleagues made it to the top 100 list of trendsetters and leaders of the Marcom industry! Each year, Adformatie publishes a list of the top 100 indispensable people (the stars) of our industry. What makes this so special is the fact that all selected leaders were chosen by people from the industry.

Why our 6 trendsetters were selected:

No 4. Paul Manuel, TamTam and Dept

Paul Manuel, founder of TamTam and Dept, was still at number 39 last year, but has now risen to a rewarding 4th place. Perhaps he will be amongst the top 3 next year?

What the industry has to say about Paul:

‘A nice person, who dares to dream big and expands successfully on an international scale’, says Ivo Roefs from DDB.

‘Together with his brother, Bart, he is building a great empire where digital rules’, says an office director.

‘The right people, at the right time and place.’

‘Inspiring, motivating, strong vision of how to form a digital agency’, says a peer.

Another peer points out that Dept − TamTam, Expand Online, a friend of mine, Second Degree, Building Blocks, Studio Dumbar and Be Excellent — has been a member of SoDA, Society of Digital Agencies, a global organisation of renowned digital agencies, since the end of 2016.

Another: ‘If it were not for him and his brother, I would not be working for the best company in the Netherlands.’

Known everywhere as an ‘inspiring leader’, a connector, visionary and someone who is crazy about his profession. Not to mention, charismatic on the work floor. ‘The culture on the work floor is pleasantly flat, mega happy, hungry.’


No 39. Marjan Straathof, Dept Agency, DDA

Marjan Straathof was not even on last year’s list, but this year she enters, already at number 39. Her debut is not completely unjustified either. She made DDA, the leading sector association and knowledge organisation for the best digital agencies, into a huge success. A year ago, she stopped her involvement with DDA, so she could focus all her energy on Dept!

What the industry has to say about Paul:

Paul Manuel from TamTam says the following about his Dept colleague: ‘Six months ago, there was no Dept.

Top marketing manager and pioneering, gains exposure for an entirely new digital brand’, a peer adds.


No 48. Marcel van der Heijden, a friend of mine

Marcel was not on last year’s list either. He debuts at number 48. Marcel, founder of a friend of mine, has been part of Dept since 2016.

What the industry has to say about Marcel:

Peers refer to him as enterprising, innovative, professional and someone with a knack for creativity.

‘One of the leading agencies in the Netherlands, and also in Europe, after it’s recent merge with Dept’, says someone else.

Gigantic passion, wealth of knowledge, and above all, an ambitious entrepreneur with a soft spot for his personnel.’


No 76. Willem Blom, Expand Online

Willem Blom also debuts on the list at number 76. Willem, founder of Expand Online, was first to join forces with Dept, along with TamTam. Expand Online has been amongst the fastest growing technological enterprises in the Netherlands every year so far.

Peers refer to him as a true leader, a cheery visionary, honest and approachable.

His motto ‘Hocus pocus keep the focus’ is legendary according to one person.

‘High-level online marketing company’, says another.


No 77. Martine Meijburg, Second Degree

Martine appeared at number 77, just after colleague Willem Blom.  Martine, founder of Second Degree, the first LinkedIn marketing agency in the world. Her agency also became a part of the Dept network of agencies last year, at the same time as a friend of mine.

What the industry has to say about Martine:

‘Over the course of a few years, she founded a wonderful company, and filled a gap in the market with her LinkedIn marketing agency’, a peer praises her.

‘She is passionate and goal-oriented.’


No 82. Liza Enebeis, Studio Dumbar

Liza, Creative Director of the well-known design agency Studio Dumbar, makes her debut at number 82. Studio Dumbar recently became part of the Dept network.

What the industry has to say about Liza:

According to one person, ‘Liza brings out the maximum creativity in everyone she works with’.

‘Exhibits leadership.’

‘An iconic studio with an iconic creative leader’, says a peer.


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