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Creativity meets data for generation Z

We’ve all heard of the baby-boomers (Generation X), the Millennials (a.k.a. generation X), but it is now time to focus on Generation Z, the new generation of students aged between 16 and 19. Particularly when it comes to an institution such as the Rotterdam High School. This was the starting point of a collaboration between full-service digital agency TamTam and online marketing agency Expand Online.

A new online platform, which prioritises measuring and improving. Creativity meets Data, especially for this new generation of students that centres on ‘mobile’.

Gen Z is knocking on our door. They have grown up in times where the internet is as normal as gas, water and light. And as a group that constantly shares silly photos with friends on Snapchat. But what do they do when they have to choose a new study direction? How can you reach and help them?

That is the challenge for Rotterdam High School. With around 80 training programmes, and a huge database of training information. The high school itself must face the challenge of ensuring students take the right courses and that drop-outs are prevented as much as possible. Around two years ago, these challenges were combined and everything moved online. This included, among other things, the launch of a new online platform which works on the basis of the mobile-first concept. Within three months, this site was chosen as the best from all high schools and universities. And, according to Ed Lazet, from Rotterdam High School, this formed the basis of a long-term strategy collaboration with TamTam.

Lazet: ‘An eye-catching online platform was not enough for us. Our target-group is connected 24/7, loses interest after 5 seconds and wants the information they need to come to them wherever and whenever it is required. So we sought a smart search strategy to improve traffic to the site. Ultimately, we found Expand Online.’ Both agencies were connected by Lazet and that was the start of a collaboration which developed into a merger between the two companies in the summer.

‘By linking creativity with data, we went from a simple launch to a process of continuous improvement and optimisation. We start with questions such as: what are our students looking for? How do new students end up with us? And how can we ensure that we continue to improve these moments and make them more relevant? By measuring and improving, we not only reach more young people but also enable them to find what they’re looking for with fewer clicks.’

This strategy was translated into results. Organic growth increased by 29% and fewer session pages were required to find the relevant information. But Lazet would like to go a step further: ‘As a public body, we must work collectively on ensuring students end up on the right courses. Irrespective of the high school itself. Drop-outs are still a huge problem for both schools and students and it is an issue that I would like to resolve.’

Marjan Straathof, Marketing Manager


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