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So, you’re having this brand new website, mobile app, kick-ass brand and numerous friends and followers on your social media channels? Great. But how do you get your message across and how do you keep satisfying these hungry consumers?

By making great f*cking content! Videos. Awesome pictures. Crazy ass copywriting and mindblowing motion graphics. You’re getting it out there. And people will be happy with it since we’re all longing for beautiful, funny, interesting or emotional content for decades. And people will be longing for it forever. The way of consuming will change, but the essence of great content will last.

This is where TamTam comes in. Creating content as an integral part of the strategy behind your new website, app or campaign. By respecting the psychology of what people are doing when they’re interacting with your brand.

We think, write, design, shoot and edit our asses of to produce videos, pictures, long- and shortform copywriting or social media posts. Whether it is to roll out your content calendar on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Snapchat or to create a warm and welcoming moving header or how-to video on your corporate website. This is what we do. In house.