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In the past, a campaign used to consist of buying a few commercials, an advert in the newspaper and maybe a few bus shelter displays. Nowadays that has completely changed. Your customer is on the internet. Even when he’s sitting in front of the TV, eating his breakfast or waiting for the bus. So you have to be where he is.

Would you like a digital translation of your offline campaign? We can do that. Does your target group even have any idea what a newspaper is? Then we can help you from the start. You know your story. We know how and where we should tell it. Think of a random digital medium, and we know exactly what to do with it. Instagram? Facebook? Snapchat? We are more at home there than anywhere else.

The most attractive thing about digital campaigns? You can immediately see whether they work. The online marketing specialists of our sister company Expand online know all about display advertising. Thanks to them, no man will ever again encounter a banner for sanitary towels. They also measure everything down to the last detail. So we know exactly which post, banner or video works. And which does not. In this way, we make the campaign even more effective.