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Anniek’s week

CRO Specialist atTamTam


The alarm goes off at 07:30 AM. It feels so good to live near the office! Time to start the week with our Monday Morning meeting. Every two weeks we get together to discuss new projects, meet new colleagues (we’re looking for new ones!) and other updates, like the aftermovie of Dept Festival.

This afternoon we’ll meet up with our team to talk about data implementations, data analysis, reports and conversion optimisation. There’s more good news: a new colleague joins our team in October. That makes sixteen of us.

Dept Festival 2017 from Wijzijntamtam on Vimeo.



This morning the alarm goes off extra early because we’re up for a cowork day at the office of one of our clients, Avans+ in Breda. We agreed to meet up at 07.30 AM in Blijdorp. The four of us will drive to Brabant – after our coffee break, of course. Luckily we’re not getting stuck in a traffic jam, so we’ll be on time. At 10 o’clock we start our monthly evaluation, where we discuss the results and action points, considering every discipline. This monthly meeting with all stakeholders is nice because we get to talk about current affairs and we can rapidly make agreements. We also get to brainstorm with them about potential opportunities.

We’re wrapping it up at 11:30 AM, and I need to make a quick phone call with BPD. They want to start with A/B testing and want me to tell them about the various testing tools that are on the market. Good thing I recently made an elaborate comparison. Very quickly we decide on which tool to use. It’s awesome to work for one of the big boys in the business and to help out with the development of their website.

Right before lunch, I discuss new designs with Marcel, an online marketer at Avans+, and then I head back to Rotterdam. I still have to do an analysis for Wednesday, and doing it at the office is probably more efficient. In the evening I hit the gym. It’s situated right underneath our office, so it doesn’t take long for me to get all sweaty.



Today two clients join us in our office to work closely together. Some preparation is needed, so we’ll start working early this morning. At 08:30 AM I sit down with my colleague Stijn to discuss the KPI session that we’re joining later this afternoon. At 09:30 AM we attend the stand up with the Gazelle team. It was a good month, so everybody’s in a good mood and we talk about how we can keep up the good work.

This afternoon we start off with the KPI session. Together with the client, Arjan (UX designer) and Stijn (analytics consultant), we figure out how to make everything on the website measurable. This way we can make more data-driven choices. The result? We’ve come up with a comprehensive measurement plan which the front-end designer can implement. Now we’re able to do a detailed analysis.



Good morning! I have to get up early because I’m working at our Amsterdam office today. I answer some emails in the train while I take my morning fix: a cappuccino with a double shot. At the office, I dive into Google Analytics to create an analysis for Hans Anders. They want to do a test and with my analysis, we can figure out how to actually set it up. During lunch, I catch up with some of my colleagues from Amsterdam. It’s nice to hear what they are up to.

In the afternoon my colleague Lisanne and I organize a workshop at Rituals. We focus on making persona’s, so we can make the customer journey even better. After the workshop Lisanne and I head straight to the bar, it’s time for staff drinks! With a beer in one hand and a bag of crisps in the other, we do a quick debrief and end up talking about our plans for the weekend.



Fridays are usually quite relaxed. I didn’t plan a lot of meetings. It’s time to analyze the results of the A/B tests. I go through multiple segments and see that the results of a live test are very surprising, but interesting. I ring the client to discuss how we can set up a follow-up test.

In the afternoon I check the data for BPD. I set up some focus points with the client and I set up an optimisation plan for the upcoming weeks based on data from Google Analytics and Hotjar.

We end our week with a beach volleyball tournament and we join our Expand Online colleagues for drinks in The Hague. Cheers to a great quarter of the year!