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Dept Agency TamTam founding partner of the new Master of Science programme in Digital Design

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has partnered with nine leading Dutch design agencies (ACHTUNG!, DDB Tribal, FHV BBDO, Fabrique, MediaMonks, Mirabeau, Momkai, TamTam (part of Dept), and Woedend!) to create the new Master of Science programme in Digital Design.

Admissions are now open, students from all over the world (i.e. Japan, Vietnam, Egypt, and the USA) have already applied. We also announce a “Digital Design Meetup” on April 12, 2017, from 18.00, at the Leeuwenburg building (AUAS, Weesperzijde 190, Amsterdam), to present the upcoming program with lecturers and industry partners.

The Master of Science in Digital Design

The Master of Science in Digital Design is at the crossroads of design practice, research, and technological innovation. Its one-year full-time curriculum combines a rigorous background in design research (“Research through Design”) and real-world projects with industry partners, carried out in a studio setting. It is built to challenge not only practitioners who wish to sharpen their competencies, but also talented students fresh off their bachelor’s degree. Upon successful completion, students receive a Master of Science degree in Digital Design, accredited the Dutch government and officially recognized by the European Union and all around the world.

After a competitive selection process, a maximum of 24 students will be accepted for the 2017/18 academic year. The admissions are open until May 1.

Geleyn Meijer, Dean of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries at AUAS, comments: “Whether it is climate change, income inequality or refugee flows, the news confronts us with the growing and increasingly complex challenges humankind is faced with on a daily basis. With our mentality, rich design tradition and high level of digital connectivity, the Netherlands can play a key role in this endeavour. To make this possible, nine leading Dutch digital agencies and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences have come together to meet the market’s need for educating a new breed of Dutch digital designers.”

Digital Design Meetup

To introduce the programme, AUAS will host a Meetup — an informal meeting of design professionals and students — in the locales of the upcoming Master’s programme. It will take place on April 12, 2017, from 18.00, at the Leeuwenburg building (AUAS, Weesperzijde 190, Amsterdam). The programme invites members of industry, prospective students and educators to attend and discuss the current state of digital design, and industry’s contribution to design education. Prof. Ben Schouten, Scientific Director of the programme, will host the event.

A live-stream will be organized through the social channels of the Master’s programme.